Why I am an artist coach:
I have been living in Berlin, working in the art world for 10 years . Over this time, I have had my own gallery, managed artist studios and worked as sales manager for international galleries. You might wonder why an artist would need such a thing as a coach… For having been in contact with successful artists over the last 10 years, I ended up comparing them to professional athletes. Hard work, Discipline, Strategy, Perseverance, Motivation are some common words to both fields, if you want to optimize your talent.

What expects you:
During the first hour, we usually take time to make a short update of your situation: we define clearly what you have achieved so far, what challenges you encounter and what your goals are.
According to that we establish a first strategic draft to move forward with your career. Any step we take is based on your personal needs, strengths and challenges.

Through an action oriented approach, I accompany you towards your goal with training and practice. Artist statement, website, communication, collectors, galleries, those might be some topics you want to talk about, but we can also work on skills such as live portfolio presentation, studio visit situation or business negotiation.

What you get from it:
As a result of those sessions, you will feel more confident and motivated about your project and art practice in general. Your artist identity will be clearer and the way to introduce yourself will feel natural and secure. All these skills will prepare you to face the art world and allow you to enjoy your life as an artist.

How it works:
The coaching sessions take place via Skype and can be held in German, English or French, according to your preference.



Artist’s Feedbacks

(…) Maud obviously gets her bearings on the artist and they get used to explaining themselves, thinking about what they’re doing. (…) Thanks again Maud, I’m really glad the art world has warm and encouraging types like you involved. EDWARD M. (Australian artist)


Meeting with Maud Piquion turned out to be a very effective, short and to the point affair. Maud was very professional, she shot a few well-aimed questions to suss out my professional needs and off we went! We perused through my work, and in a short while, Maud came up with some pretty astute ideas about how to market my work and position it in the art scene. I came away with three concrete directions which are going to be very helpful in the long-term, and I have been happily working on two of those “assignments” ever since. On the whole, I really feel I gained a lot of insight and impetus from this discussion with Maud. I loved the brisk, no-nonsense attitude, and I’m looking forward to our next meeting. ALEXINE C. (French conceptual artist)


The artist coaching with Maud was truly inspiring and empowering. Her expertise is so well-grounded that just a couple of hours with her helped clarify major questions about my career. Maud succinctly and powerfully showed how having a clear action plan is crucial to continuing what I love to do- creating works of art that truly matter. Having incredibly thorough knowledge about both the business and the art side, she gave me concrete tools to excell at the formalities of the business while staying true to my artistic identity. Her knwoledge of the rules in the art world allows you to work out concrete steps, something that, under normal circumstances, you could only learn after many years or trial and error. If you really want to advance towards your goals as an artist, I could not imagine a better guidance. SANJA H. (British photographer)


I was over all very satisfied. The coaching was very well structured and Maud s comments were very clear and to the point. She helped me to get a better picture of my own work seen from outside as well as from the view and belongings of the art-scene, and to get a better understanding of how I can present myself within this context. JONAS M. (German artist, David Chipperfield Architects)


I was very happy with the meeting with Maud. I think it confirmed ideas I already had and showed some new angles I did not think about before. So it made me feel I am on the right track but have to become more pro active (…) So thanks for the session. SASKIA R. (Manager of Reynolds Reynolds Studio)


The coaching was a very good wake-up call for me! It was a relief to be able to really talk and get advices about practice and theory, to get more confidence and to adopt a DO IT attitude, instead of thinking all the time about how and what I should be doing. The students in the art academies could really need you for that! It was also helpful to discuss the website in detail. I look forward now to moving forward with my work. Thank you Maud! CHARLOTTE E. (Norwegian painter)


The coaching with Maud was very useful for me; I found it a nice and extremely effective meeting. Maud has the ability to get into the world of the artist very quickly and to articulate appropriate comments and ideas. With her help, I finally managed to find a clear and accessible structure for my website. Even after the coaching, she provided information such as interesting institutions or artist references. Thanks to Maud s support, I even got in touch with a performance artist and we are currently working on a cooperation. I am absolutely content about my decision to get some guidance from Maud. SABRINA B. (Dutch installation and performance artist)