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    I design Art Management Webinars (Online workshops) that give participants information and practical experience familiarizing themselves with the protocol, conduct and temperament of the art world. Tailored to build on the strengths already making each individual unique, I work with participants hands on by sharing knowledge followed up with real life applications. The webinars are composed by 5 units of 2 hours each and take place over a 3 week period. During this time, participants study practical cases and do some usefull “homework” (training), which will be reviewed and discussed individually.

    Example of Thematic Workshops
    Communication / Website
    Time Management and studio organization
    Artist statement / Presentation
    Preparing an exhibition / Gallery relationships

    Participants gain
    Insight at the “Big Picture” of the Art World
    Professional & Real Life Experience
    Contemporary, Accurate Professional Artist Methods & Strategies
    Further Clarity, Defined Direction & Goals
    Better Understanding of Steps Towards Implementing a Career
    Concrete Project Management Method
    Clearer Recognition of What & How They Can Define Their Individual Voices
    Communication Skills

    The Webinars are held in English.
    Certain sessions can be held in French or German.

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    What participants say about my workshops/webinars
    Maud’s workshop is precious for those who are looking for open and honest answers. I quickly got precise information about the Artworld which never got mentioned during my studies at the Art Academy.The session happens in a relaxed atmosphere which encourages the participants to ask anything important or obscure to them concerning the Artworld. The structures and mechanism of galleries and market became clearer for me and I received very direct, concrete and practical advices. Thanks Maud! (Olga J., painter/installation, Ukraine)

    The workshop gave me a new energy and boosted my ambition as an artist. It felt good to finally be able to talk freely about “taboo topics” of the art world and to realize that one is not alone with issues such as organization, networking, application, finances etc…The workshop helped me realize that as an artist I can take actions and move to improve the opportunities. (Ursula S., performer/video artist, Germany)


    I really enjoyed the workshop with Maud and think she is really competent. She is very direct and open about important topics which are usually not discussed though relevant if you want to move forward. (Mona M. artist, Germany)